So last night Christie and I watched all the Marble Hornets entries and freaked out all over them (okay, I freaked out, Christie was a trooper), anyways, they were so amazing and we got talking about our theories versus other people’s theories and thought, what if Slender Man isn’t really an ‘entity’ or a ‘ghost’, like most people feel he is, or even a monster… But what IF he really is an alien? We both feel that this would make WAY more sense. I found that re-watching all the videos you can make way more connections from earlier episodes til the more recent ones simply because we have more information now than we did in the beginning, and you may feel like ‘oh I remember everything that happened, I don’t need to watch them again’, but seriously, Christie and I missed A LOT and things just went over our heads because they couldn’t be explained yet. Anyways, it would make much much more sense if Slender Man was in fact, an extra terrestrial being.  

My evidence: Can you think of a time in any of the videos that Slender Man touches or harms ANY of the characters? Like Christie and I both said, is he a terrific guy? Maybe not, but he’s never hurt anybody in the series to show us otherwise. I don’t think it’s his fault that humans can’t be near him without collapsing to the floor, I think he must be too advanced or strong for us to handle.

Also Christie mentioned that maybe the whole point of this series is to show us how harmful us humans can be. If you think about it, it’s always Alex and Tim or (Masky) that is doing some kind of harm, mainly Alex. Slender Man might be the ‘operator’ but again, he’s not the one stabbing people and crushing them with rocks. Honestly, our theory on him being an alien is probably the most probable thing I’ve heard since this series came out. I don’t like ‘monster’ that sounds so kid-ish and I think in the end, if it ended up to be a ghost or ‘entity’ that everyone would be disappointed. It really doesn’t make sense that he is a ghost because there is always going to be that question ‘Where did he come from, how did he become this tall skinny man wearing a business suit?’ 

Alien. He came here to study our nature and someone caught onto him, and now he doesn’t know what else to do but follow them. He’s just as curious about us as Jay and Alex are to him. Again, I don’t think he is a saint or anything, but yeah. 

Although I don’t really know where Tim fits into all this, but i’m sure that’ll come later. 

Please, Marble Hornets fans that find this post, I want to know your opinion on this and where you stand. Message me and tell me what you think, I find this so interesting. 

ALSO, the people who run FUCKYEAHSLENDERMAN, are douche bags, I’m sure Christie and I know way more about this than them, and we won’t be douchey about it. :)

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    So wait….they just started watching and are all of a sudden the all-knowing? They know more about it that people that...
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    Aliens are stupid. Sometimes they can be cool, but aliens are not scary. English isn’t my 1st language so I’m going to...
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    I think he should have done more research before making a theory. Marble Hornets is only a part of the Slenderman...
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    My favorite thing about Slender Man is that he’s unknowable. He exists in such a way that a thousand people could have a...
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    So yeah we found this theory which seems to be based on the premises that 1) whatever is canon for Marble Hornets is...
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