Title: Sir Duke
Artist: Stevie Wonder
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Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder



theone-who-knocks replied to your post: I like my mom’s reaction to this. Bonu…

lmfao. Thank god I know enough spanish to get by. ALSO, pages of the bible. lmfao. Smoke the fastest one for me- page 89 is the greatest. thanks.

wait i’m curious did you just randomly say 89 or do you know what that is? do you know your bible better than i expect you to? what’s that word? when someone surprises you at being better at something than you had thought/expected? yknow wht i mean? wtf? wtf?? whats on page 89? why it fast

I have no clue what’s on page 89 of the bible. hahahaha. Something about not  shatoinking until marriage. actually i’m not even sure that’s in the bible. heh. 



It’s 2014 can girls please stop wearing heart shaped aviators and flower crowns to festivals

it’s 2014 can people stop telling girls how to dress

In 2014 can everyone stop being fucktards.

Gringotts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Diagon Alley (Universal Orlando) [x]

My life story. 
#instead of paying a buck for it in stores, I can pay 5
#ya’ll basic bitchachos if you’re name on here.

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*zooms in and completely ignores you and instead peeps what’s in the background because I’m nosy*

Link stuffed animal, the twilight saga books, Game of Thrones book set, 4 pairs of Mickey ears, Mickey Santa hat, a bird house, law books